24 years old Clara Guillem is live in Nashville, Tennessee but she’s already more famous in hundreds of thousands of peoples for body confidence. And this video series will prove it perfectly.

Guillem said to Bored Panda. While she was driving along the road she started to think, Why people are showing their outfits when the stomach is flat. She said she was thinking about the video some people said a flat stomach is an accessory. And she worried about why they can’t show how cute outfits are still cute after we nourish our bodies.

Clara sitting in the same clothes before and after a meal, she has posted numerous TiKToks memorialize her ‘food babies’ and has successfully proved from time to time that a full belly is a happy belly. Bon appétit!

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This is so perfect and I’m fine too, obviously, but my shape is the least interesting thing about me. I have so many manners, but those are suppressed when I’m hangry.


Mm-hm, yup… 10/10. 11/10, extra mark for the carbs in my stomach


If you are not interested in enjoying food, That’s totally okay. But food can be enjoyable And also keeping in mind, it’s there to serve your body a purpose.


How outfits look like on me before and after a full day of eating. And let me tell you, My body and mind were perfectly fine, And it was good for my soul too…


Drill outfits on me before and after I eat, and I just want to say I make these videos because most people avoid eating just to prevent this, which is normal and should taste. Woooo, party in my belly!



2’s about to make me act uuup… Still fine as hell, just a little less hangry


This one’s so cute, but my ass is hanging out. Looking good thank goodness for tacos!




How outfits look like on me before and after a big meal, so this is outfit . There is nothing better than being able to see how well I nourish my body.










This is one of my dinner outfit… [Friends: With us!] I’m hot, but much more importantly… I’m happy.


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