Snow leopards are one of the most elusive cats in the world. They’re high-altitude acrobats. Snow leopards are sparsely distributed across 12 countries in Central Asia. They’re comfortable in mountainous rugged landscapes, usually between 3,000 and 4,500 meters. They prefer steep broken terrain, like cliffs, rocky outcrops, and Ravines. Having short forelimbs and long hind legs helps to keep them agile in this terrain.

Snow leopards can’t roar. Unlike other big cats, snow leopards can’t roar. Their call has been described as a piercing yowl and is so loud it can be heard over the roar of a river. They’re well adapted to the cold. Their fur keeps them well insulated in cold weather, and it can be around five centimeters long on their back and their sides, and up to twelve centimeters long on their belly. They have natural snowshoes. Snow leopard’s wide fur-covered feet act as a natural snowshoe, helping to distribute their weight and prevent them from sinking into soft snow. A snow leopard’s tail can grow up to a hundred and five centimeters long, and they can wrap this around themselves to keep them warm when it’s cold.

So for what reason do they additionally bite their tails when living in imprisonment where it isn’t so cold? They even seem to chew on their tails to keep their faces warm it’s very adorable even their nasal cavities are adapted to high cold climates.


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