Someone calls her “Larry.” Larry is a really cute, fat cat. Perhaps Larry’s residence is a powerful place in world politics, so he has a little bit of pride. Larry lives in the Prime Minister’s Office on Downing Street, London. Larry does not hesitate to pet even the various diplomats, leaders and officials who visit the Prime Minister’s official residence. Larry has the privilege of being one of the most powerful cats in the world.

Larry, who lives in the official residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has been given a special post. In fact, Larry is an employee of the Prime Minister’s House as well. The post has been dubbed the “Chief Mice Hunter in the Cabinet Office” Accordingly, before Larry, several cats were used to catching rats in the Prime Minister’s house. Ordinary homes as well as the UK Prime Minister’s House are plagued by rats. But instead of controlling the rat population in the Prime Minister’s house through high-cost technological methods, they have used a simple and traditional method from the past.

Accordingly, the employment of a cat in the Prime Minister’s House under a designated post dates back to 1929. Reports of the Treasury allocating funds to maintain an efficient cat testify to the history of this position. Usually a cat is recruited in this way, even under several prime ministers. For example, during the period 1946-1964, Peter III, who was the chief rat hunter in the Prime Minister’s House, served under Prime Ministers Clement Attlee, Winston Churchill, Anthony Aiden, Harold Macmillan, and Alec Douglas-Home, respectively. Even if the Prime Minister leaves the official residence due to loss of power or the expiration of his term, the cats in this post will be able to maintain their power in the Prime Minister’s House as long as they are able to hunt rats efficiently.

Even Larry, who currently holds this position, has served several prime ministers. Larry was recruited to the post on February 15, 2011. David Cameron, then Prime Minister, brought in Larry to end the rat infestation at his official residence.

The history of domestic cats in the United Kingdom dates back to the reign of King Henry VIII in the 16th century. Lord Thomas Wolsey, who was appointed Lord Chancellor during his reign, is believed to have been a cat lover, and one of his cats is believed to have been the first cat to serve in a UK official residence, as Larry is today.

How Larry came to the Prime Minister’s house?

When David Cameron came to power in 2010, there was no such cat office in the Prime Minister’s official residence. Sibyl, who had previously hunted rats in the official residence, had retired because then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown disliked to Sibyl. Until several early news reports in early 2011 showed rats roaming around the PM’s official residence and office, even Prime Minister David Cameron was reluctant to recruit a new cat to the PM’s house cat position. In February of that year, David Cameron and his family moved into a dog and cat orphanage called ”Battersea” to raise Larry.

No matter how many cats have been used to hunting rats for years in various government offices in Britain, Prime Minister himself was chosen Larry, Because Larry was a stray cat. For this reason, official statements on behalf of the Prime Minister said that Larry had a high chase ability and an instinct to hunt.

The first day Larry took office, ITV correspondent Lucy Manning came to the Prime Minister’s Office to report on it, and he did not like it because the media attention was strange to Larry at the time. Eventually Larry exploited Lucy Manning’s hand four times and went under a table and hid, refusing to come out. Larry started his first day on duty with a little fuss.

Despite his innate intelligence and talent, Larry failed to do any hunting during the first two months of his tenure. But then he manages to kill a small mouse and put it at the feet of David Cameron’s secretary. When anonymous sources revealed that Larry was asleep on duty on several occasions, it was decided that his ethics and skills should be further investigated. When Larry’s term was about a year old, a media officer explained to the public that Larry’s duties included not only catching rats, but also welcoming visitors to the Prime Minister’s House, inspecting security arrangements, and inspecting the comfort of old furniture.

Although Larry is not quick to hunt mice, he is known for his outstanding skills in greeting visitors and entertaining them. Larry especially likes his children more than David Cameron. Larry is said to be a bit reluctant in front of the adult male side. Larry doesn’t get along very quickly with someone he’s never met. But when Barack Obama and Larry first met, that meeting turned out to be a very friendly one. In contrast, Larry once barred Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from entering the official residence, eventually removing Larry with the intervention of a police officer and allowing the Israeli prime minister to enter the official residence.

Larry has a very active Twitter account. But the account often features humorous political articles and photos created in connection with Larry, and even jokes involving Larry’s current employer, Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Sometimes educationally important ads are also linked to Larry and posted here. Larry is now a cat over ten years old. Accordingly, he is now spending the evening of his life. But his popularity is increasing day by day and not diminishing.


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