Vervet Monkey

We can find most of these species in sub-Saharan Africa in savannas and dry deciduous forests. Vervet monkeys belong to the genus Chlorocebus and also call them as savanna. Vervet testicles show varying intensities of blue and having a bright blue pair is like blue blood. These Blue-colored testicle mammals are very rare in the world. Confident healthy males build up higher blood serotonin levels which lead to bluer testicles. Lower-ranking males are more stressed and produce less serotonin, So sport lighter-colored testes.

Breeding of Blue-Colored Testicle Mammals(Vervet Monkeys)

Most of the time their breeding occurs from April to June. So they give birth to one calf after five and half months. When considering their sexual maturity, females reach sexual maturity at four years of age and males at five years of age. But both sexes live short life around 10-11 years.

Vervet monkeys also have their own leader and he will lead the group and others are collectively support him. Vervet monkeys live as a large social group, In this group consists of a small number of male monkeys and 10 or more female monkeys, and their babies.

How vervet monkey communicate?

Vervet monkeys also have their own way to communicate with each other. Most of the time blue-colored testicle mammals use sound and body language to talk to group members. Also, they use their eyebrows to warn, So they will raise and lower eyebrows and flash their eyelids warn to others. Also, they communicate by roaring.

Velvet monkeys, like other monkeys, are good at attacking crops. So there has been a conflict between humans and monkeys, Therefore, they are under more threat from humans. So these monkeys are also crushed and sold as pets. Not only that, Some people are hunting these monkeys for their meat. Because of that, these blue-colored testicle mammals are being treated badly and they are not living a long life.


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