Dogs have gained the unique title of man’s best friend but these dogs on our list can also be your worst enemy today

we’re gonna be looking at 10 of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. we’re not saying that the dogs are naturally this vicious or dangerous. we’re just saying this is how they could be either way watch out for number 1.They’re so fearsome that even the most seasoned Predators have learned to stay away from them. 


Doberman Pinscher 

let’s start this with one of the most feared dogs in the world and that fear is not unfounded

government ventures are one of the most fearsome-looking dogs in the world. It has a snarl that would put fear in the hearts of the bravest men and a booming bark that would make anyone cower in fear but are these menacing qualities only for show unfortunately no. Doberman Pinschers are famous for their agility and tracking abilities making this breed of intelligent dog the perfect

guard, however, they require closely monitored training with consistency and patience if left untreated properly. They will be quite hard to manage large and extremely strong with a bite force that can literally crush bone and Doberman Pinschers are very capable of killing you.

They’re also a very sensitive breed and they don’t take kindly to people who mistreat them if maltreated. These monsters can be very aggressive and in most cases attack without any Provocation.


The wolf dog

wolf dogs the name tells us is a crossbreed of domesticated dogs and wild wolves. Whoever thought that those two would make a good combination we’ll. Probably never know but due to the

traits that a gained from both parents. This breed has some pretty good qualities and some that can be very dangerous to humans if they manifest themselves. The pack mentality is very much a

predominant trait of this breed as a result these beasts have protective instincts. It can be good for the family that it considers being its pack and bad news however to anyone or anything that it considers a threat. Because of their wolf heritage if and when they attack it will be vicious and

relentless very wild and unpredictable behavior probably resulted from breeding wild animals with common dogs. In some countries owning and breeding this dog is prohibited. 


The Fila

Brussels area doesn’t let this dog docile look deceive you also known as the Brazilian Mastiff. They

are large and powerful dogs in fact they are the largest breed of herding dogs hailing originally from Brazil. They were used to herd cattle and other livestock. In fact, they’ve built a reputation of

being excellent herding guard dogs but being herding dogs they tend to be overprotective of her they are guarding which may be disastrous to anyone they perceived to be a threat. They also have an aggressive streak and once they attack their uncontrollable nature makes it next to impossible for

them to be stopped. They are also feared due to their unpredictability you will never know when this dog will attack on the bright side this dog rarely attacked without provocation. The problem is sometimes you just don’t know what AXA will consider as provocative. It could be eating out of the palm of your hand one minute and then literally eating your hand as the next. These dogs are so notorious for human attacks in their native country of Brazil so much so that attack-related fatalities aren’t Uncommon.


Perro de Presa

Canario, just look at that dog and tell me what it reminds you of if it reminds you of those vicious zombie dogs from the Resident Evil franchise. Then we’re thinking the exact same thing the similarities don’t end on looks alone unfortunately and like the dogs in the game. This breed can be very vicious translated from Spanish. This breed’s name literally means canary and catch dogs.

it’s also commonly known as the canary Mastiff but believe me, this dog isn’t as docile as a canary despite its name the fact that this breed is a result of selectively cross breeding different breeds of fighting dogs should be an indication of how dangerous this dog could really be and although its

The original purpose was to help out in farms as a farm dog and to hurt farm animals. They are also often used in dog fighting rings where they Duke it out with other known fighting breeds which we’ll introduce you to later in this list. let me just point out that dogfighting is highly illegal and inhumane so please don’t support this activity nonetheless. This breed is rumored to be a beast in the ring with

most of its winning fights ending in fatalities .


The Rottweiler

Remember I mentioned that there were other types of fighting dogs in this list .I regularly do get out with the canary Mastiff. Well this is one of them. Rottweilers are a breed of dog as well known for their fearsome reputation ironically no fighting dog has ever been bred to fight all of them were bred with

an initial and specific purpose. Rottweilers are no exception; they were bred to be farm dogs in fact. These dogs are one of the oldest breeds used for hurting farm animals being an intelligent breed. They can be taught to do almost anything but they are most effective herding animals as guard dogs. Rottweilers are very aggressive by nature protecting their pack and territory with utmost zealousness

They are willing to risk everything. This aggressive nature is what makes them very dangerous in fact. They’re responsible for the majority of dog attacks on humans in the US and more disturbingly more than half of the fatal dog attacks in the US are indeed caused by that.


The Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute or Malamute actually know how to pronounce this one. Alaskan Malamutes are one of the largest breeds of domesticated dogs in the world. They can reach an average of a hundred pounds and that size is definitely put to use. They were originally used as sled dogs. Their

massive size and impressive strength allowing them to pull heavy loads even the harshest of Arctic winters. Their thick coats also allow them to survive below freezing temperatures even if left

out in the open without any shelter. However in order to give this breed the

tools that. It needs to survive and thrive in the harsh environment. It also developed certain characteristics. That can prove very dangerous given the habitats. They live in as farsan food Malamutes were bred to be natural hunters oh not for a seal or the occasional snowshoe hare and

these massive beasts are more than capable of bringing down much much larger prey .I suppose the real question is just how big and the answer to that? is try a bear yeah it’s common knowledge.

That one Alaskan Malamute is more than a match for a large bear in fact. These dogs feed on them especially when the hunting is quite bad. vikings aren’t a bear into a meal imagine what it can do to tiny old you


The Husky

The Husky closely related to the previous entry on this list huskies or siberian huskies

are a popular breed of domesticated dog also like the Malamute Huskies.

Originated as sled dogs in the northern regions and this means both breed share

common traits although the Husky is a lot smaller than the Malamute .It more than makes up for

It is agile. Huskies also have a very striking appearance: their thick coat always have color patterns unique to each individual dog and that unmistakable facemask that only belongs to the breed and couple that with their ice blue eyes. They are Bar None simply one of the most beautiful breeds of large dogs. Huskies are also natural hunters but being smaller than Malamutes. They have adapted

in a different method and bringing down prey and believe me they can handle a bear as well as any Malamute because they aren’t as big. This breed has learned to hunt in packs allowing sheer

numbers to make up for sheer size and strength. Husky attacks on humans are uncommon but they do happen often times .it’s because the animal is mistreated and or isn’t trained properly nevertheless if they do decide to attack you they are more than capable of bringing you down


The Mastiff bull

Mastiff bull massives are one of the largest breeds of dogs in the world. They’re bred to be powerful, strong and solidly built dogs. They were originally bred to be guard dogs and needless to say they are excellent in doing their jobs Their natural protective instincts are next to none and with consistent and

proper training they become very dependable and obedient. Unfortunately not all people are knowledgeable enough or fit to rein in such a large and powerful dog and this is where the danger. Unfortunately lies because of their primary job a bull massive attacks on humans are fairly common in fact. They ranked second in dog breeds that have had the most attacks on humans only the Rottweiler ranks higher but being larger and more powerful than the Rottweiler. Their attacks, even if not fatal, can lead to permanent physical and even psychological damage of the victim. It is insane that their attacks never become fatal , but it is very uncommon but it’s better to say safe and sorry so if you decide to enter a house that is being guarded by one of these beasts you better think again now. It’s time for the day’s best Pig today we’re gonna be looking at probably the most feared dog breed in the world and probably because they are considered the premier fighting dog and also as a bite that literally crushes bone .


The Pit Bull

Pit bulls are a very popular breed of strong dogs. This is the resulting greeting. When you combine the

energy and agility of terriers and the body build and strength of a bulldog pit because of their popularity of being used in dog fights but pit bull advocates explain that. They are a very misunderstood breed. They are naturally mild mannered, loyal and caring making them an ideal family dog and you can actually find a lot of videos of them wearing cute little pajamas and smiting. no they’re also highly intelligent as well and get me trained to do all sorts of things. The main problem here is a couple intelligence and trainability with its unmatched agility and mind-blowing strength. Pit bulls can be very dangerous a trained in the wrong way like I mentioned earlier. They are the

quintessential fighting dog breed. They opt in clash with other fighting dogs like the Rottweiler and the canary massive in the dig ring . They even fight against the same breed and in dog fights.When the pit bull is involved it almost always ends with a fatality. 


The Caucasian shepherd

Caucasian shepherd may the top of our list also known as the Caucasian or Chaka the

caucasian shepherd can grow very large weighing around 110 pounds of the

minimum. They can also reach an average of 12 years of age which is a pretty

long lifespan for a dog but this breed did not make it to this list because it’s one of the heaviest or because it has one of the longest lifespans. It’s here for one reason and one reason alone. It poses to us and to other animals okay I’ll admit I’m being a little over dramatic. let’s meet this

dog. First and foremost this breed originated from Russia and other European countries originally uses a guard dog for protecting livestock in mountain regions you probably notices but the most dangerous dogs are those who are bred to guard something and anyway they become so good at their job that. These dogs are even feared by some popular wild predators such as wolves now if they’re me your presence sells a pack of wolves to stay away. What do you think will happen if it does attack you?


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