About forty-two years ago, the Jews formed a rift in the middle of the Jordan River. About thirty years ago there was a struggle with the Egyptians. Three or four years ago, there was a fierce war of words with Iran, which escalated into a full-blown war. These are just a few of the thousands of incidents.

Who really are the Jews living in the ‘Cool One’ on so many struggles?

In short, the Jews are one of the oldest living people in the world today. It is not fair to say that the Jewish nation, which dates back to about two thousand years before the year of Christ, is a nation. Because Jews are mixed with other nations in the world. A large number of so-called whites in Britain are Jewish. The Jewish population in America itself must be measured in millions. Also, the world’s foremost scholars were Jews.
To name a few, Einstein, Karl Marx, Jewish Menuin, von Braun, Sialkowski, as well as Christ and all of his disciples were Jews. There are Jewish celebrities today. As an example, The facebook owner is also a Jew. It is a question of how these people became so educated.

So far, there are about 900 Nobel laureates. 20% of the prizes went to Jews, who make up 0.2% of the world’s population! If you Google it like List of Jewish Nobel laureates, you will be amazed to see the list available on Wikipedia. In fact, it is a question of how these Jews as a nation became so educated.

The Jews are one of the most oppressed nations in the world. More than 6 million Jews died in various forms of torture during World War II.
This is because they were born Jews

About two thousand years ago, the Jews had a country called ‘Palestine’. In 70 and 135 CE, Roman imperialists came, burned Jerusalem, and decreed that not a single Jew could enter. It was then that Jews began to move to other parts of the world. But the Jews were deported from other countries. This was first done by England in 1290 AD. France and Germany later followed England and expelled the Jews.

Hundreds of thousands of Jews were massacred, according to the false accusation that the poisoning of wells by Jews was the cause of the Great Plague of 1348 in Europe. But later, many European countries passed laws and granted Jews citizenship. Some of these countries are Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Norway.

Many Jews were killed during World War II, and many more fled to other lands. In 1947, at the behest of the United Nations, Palestine was divided into parts, one for the Jews and the other for the Arabs. But many Arab nations have not bowed to this decision since then.

Although all six Arab countries fully opposed the partition of Palestine from the United Nations and the partition of Israel, it did not stop the arrival of Jews. In fact, the Jews in the past had more land than they do today. But the small piece of land on which they live today is surrounded by Arab kingdoms, like a “tongue between thirty-two teeth.”

But the Jews still live safely in Israel today. The skies of the whole of Israel are protected by radar technology. Therefore, Israel cannot be invaded as easily as one might think. Hundreds of Kfir planes have been parked in underground bunkers because they could take off at any moment. The people of the whole country are almost ready for war. Even beautiful girls who think they are not fit for war have become skilled soldiers.

On the whole, the gifts that the Jews gave to the world are many.It would take a large book, not an article like this, to write about the gifts the Jews gave to the world.


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