If every bird in the world were a jewel. These undoubtedly would be diamonds due to their beauty want to know which birds.

#1 Hyacinth Macaw

With the size of 3.3 feet, the largest species of parrot in the world is the most beautiful as well. In the movie Rio the highest symptom acock as deep blue tones, it is native to Brazil. It also has a striking yellow ring around its eyes which keeps its exotic appeal. Unfortunately, its number has significantly decreased due to illegal hunting and habitat loss. Nowadays there are only 5000 of these animals left in the world. But it’s not all bad news since despite being a wild bird it can be an excellent pet with the right training, of course, must give them space to move freely and also dance

#2 Green Headed Tanger 

you have to be quiet if you want to see this beautiful buddy. Don’t scare him. The green edits and agar is a beauty of only 5.3 inches long with feathers that look like neon. Do you think it glows in the dark? Its body is a mix of turquoise blue, green, yellow and, black that perfectly matches just like the flag of Brazil. It’s country of origin. You have to keep an eye out if you want to spot them since the colors of their feathers let them hide among green and leafy trees. If there were a fashion show in the animal kingdom this feathered creature would be the perfect model. 

#3 Keel-Billed Toucan

If you thought all two cans look the same. The keel-billed toucan will prove you wrong. Obviously like any other two kin this buddy has a large beef but it’s different from others since it is a rainbow of colors. this animal is also known as the royal Toucan and you just need to see it to understand why. 

Check those colors. This green, light blue, and red that gracefully blends together. Besides the rest of its plumage doesn’t fall behind. Before reaching the deep black on the rest of its body. It shows a bright yellow and has light blue feet. The nest of the keel-billed toucan is usually located 19.6 feet high and the female can lay between 1 and 4 eggs. Ironically this toucan never uses its nest to roost but rather uses natural or woodpecker-created holes in Central and South American forests. This animal grows up to 7 points 8 inches long which makes it the smallest of all 2 gifts it’s definitely a bird born with style.

#4 Victoria Crown

Pigeon I know you think you’ve seen it before but this bird isn’t part of the Pokemon world. It was named after Queen Victoria of Great Britain. Mainly because the fed is on its head make it seem as if it’s wearing a crown. It sizes about 30 inches long and only inhabits the swamps of northern New Guinea. This bird species is pretty rare and can only lay one egg at a time that hatches within 30 days. Sadly at these gorgeous pigeons are disappearing from their natural habitat. Becoming the crown species with the largest population in captivity with that beautiful and bluish plumage you’d obviously mistake it for a legendary Pokemon would catch it.

#5 Himalayan Monal

Far away in the cold mountains and forests of the Himalayas, you’ll find a Himalayan Monal. Which is one of the most beautiful pheasants in the animal kingdom. It grows about 29 inches long and has no issue breeding in captivity. Although it seems very weak this pal can withstand harsh snow conditions in order to catch a vertebrate frame. But the plumage that seems dyed in a bright and neon blue that blends in a deep black. This pheasant looks like a gentleman in a suit don’t you think?

#6 Indian Peafowl 

This may be the icon of beauty in the bird kingdom. At first glance, it looks like a small turkey of gorgeous colors that you would indeed for Thanksgiving but then its feathers reveal a masterpiece you’ll never get tired of seeing. Its beauty is so admired that India chose it as its national bird. The Indian peafowl can grow up to five feet long and has a beautiful flight. Those hypnotic feathers that appear to be watching you with one eye represent 60% of its body. The rest is a mix of beautiful green and blue which without a doubt dazzles whoever sees it. 

#7 Flamingos 

It’s no mistake that plastic flamingo ornaments decorate many houses. After all, this bird has always been the symbol of beauty and the elegant sense of its discovery. They’re very tall creatures with an average height of 5 feet. This feathered buddy lives in large flocks with thousands of others. Moreover, its incredible pink and reddish plumage makes them unique in the world. In order to keep that figure, Julio has a diet that consists of brine shrimp plankton, and green algae. Despite not living as much as a parrot or macaw flamingos live long enough. Since it has an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years in the wild. However, some species of flamingos have lived up to 50 years in zoos where they get spa where they care.

#8 Wilson’s bird-of-paradise 

The Wilson’s bird of paradise surprises anyone who sees it, just check those colors that resemble a Rubik’s Cube. Besides have you noticed its tail shaped like a long mustache. Remind you a little of Salvador Dali. How surreal? The Wilson’s bird of paradise feeds mainly on fruits and is about 6.2 inches long. If you want to see this colorful flying wonder, you’ll have to make a long trip to the Raha um fat islands in Indonesia. It’s far away but I’m pretty sure the journey would be worth it.

#9 Golden Pheasant 

That name does justice to this bird, just check it out its crest feathers look as if it was plated in gold. In this species, the male is the one who has the most striking colors while the female is gray-colored in order to confuse predators. The colors on the rest of its body look as if they were painted by hand and in detail by an expert. You can see some blue near the tail and bright red on the chest. The golden pheasant is native to Western shine but its population has also been established in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia among others so now you could visit them at your nearest zoo.

#10 Nicobar Pigeon 

Check out those colorful feathers. Doesn’t it give them a sense of elegance and beauty other pigeons don’t have. It even bigger than them as it has a length of 17 inches. Over research carried out by the University of Oxford in England shows that it’s the closest relative to the extinct dodo. Incredible! Unfortunately, they can only be found in Indonesia and the Nicobar Islands. 



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