Sri Lanka is facing its worst beach pollution crisis as tons of plastic waste have washed ashore at the Colombo beach. The incident was triggered after a Singapore flagged cargo ship MV X-Press Pearl caught fire near the Colombo beach.

Fueling severe environmental concerns fishermen have been banned from an 80 kilometer stretch of the coast as an international firefighting operation went into the 11th-day. Authorities are more worried about millions of polythene pellets washing upon beaches and threatening fish breeding. Shallow waters the affected seafront in Colombo is known for its crabs jumbo prawns as well as Beautiful beaches impact on mangroves lagoons and marine wildlife.

The region was being assessed by the authorities.
Continental report authorities believed that the fire was caused
by a nitric acid leak. That the crew had been aware of since May 11th
the 25-members crew was evacuated after an explosion on the vessel. Four Indian ships have joined Sri Lanka’s navy in the battle to contain the fire two vessels were equipped to deal with an oil slick apart from the 325 metric tons of fuel in his tank. The vessel was loaded with 1486containers carrying about 25 tons of hazardous nitric acid.


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