Budapest-based Hungarian artist Flora Borsi integrates the art of self-portraits with a fun quirkiness that turns each image into a work of surrealism, And entitled those are as an “Animeyed”.This idea came out for Flora Borsi when she tries to take selfies with her dog. After taking the picture, She noticed that the image showed her dog’s eye just look like one of her own. This single photograph turns his life and makes a stunning self-portraits series of Animeyed. And It has become one of the most popular creative photo albums added to the internet.

She has used many types of cute animals to prepare this album. And throughout this whole album, she was matching his body color with the creature is stunning, For this collection, all animals were not shot in studio, they were shot in the studio, alongside the model. Also, Flora used digital technology to ensure each image looks real as possible.

Since finding her passion for photography, Flora Borsi has exhibited her stunning art work all over the world.If you would like to find more about Flora Borsi, Please checkout her website..!

Scroll down to check out the “Animeyed” series.















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