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I’ve Made A Mask For Every Day Of The Lockdown, Here Are My 30 Latest Pieces

For the third time now, I am designing a new face mask every day and present them on my social channels.

The art project started last year at the beginning of the mask requirement with the pandemic. While the intention of the first lock-down was to maintain the circle of buddies comfortable, the second was to push people individuals to wear masks. Many motifs took up comedian characters, television characters, and childhood heroes, But there have been additionally theme-specific masks such as the death of Robert Floyd, the refugee camp in Moria, or the commence of the vaccinations.

Since corona and face masks fatigue are actually setting in increasing day by day. This last collection basically pushes us all to hold out one last time. Since the ongoing lockdown is bounded to the east of Austria, the aim of this new, hopefully, the endmost masquerade is in my hometown Vienna. With humor, Viennese peculiarities, and sometimes with an important undertone. It is well-known affection of the type of corona masks. That is mostly based on the great and small heroes of the city.

During the last three lock-downs, Over 200 corona face mask have been created. the collection will hopefully find its finale on Sunday, May 2nd.

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