Tattooing is a very popular art that many people love and keep it to themselves. Italian sculptor Fabio Vial uses a refined, cultural, eccentric, and surprisingly contemporary approach to personal historical sculpture. Provocative when necessary, his work expresses the poetry of displacement and is often intended to cause a fracture. The main feature of his tattooed marble sculptures is that they are painted on the surface – not painted – but the paint enters the marble bleed in a way that penetrates the human skin.

Using the bodies of famous sculptures such as Venus de Milo as his canvas, the artist embellishes them with realistic tattoos inspired by patterns created by Russian gangs and the Japanese Yakuza. The final result provides a sharp contrast between the traditional purity associated with white marble statues and the dark and rough meanings of their contemporary body art.

Fabio Viale work has garnered a great deal of attention due to the contrast and subtle mix between bold white contemporary illustrations rather than traditional white marble art pieces and sculptures.
Fabio Vial was born in Quinoa in 1975 and currently lives in Turin, Italy. He graduated from the University of Turin in 2008 with a specialization in contemporary sculpture.

Fabio has won many prestigious awards. Some acknowledgments are:

  • International Prize in Nova, Italy 2007 Giovann Scaltura Fondazione Francesco Messina, Materima Castlebelterem.
  • 2012 Heinrox Foundation Award, First Prize, in Quercetta, Italy.
  • Primio Cairo, Milan, Italy in 2014, Palazzo dela Permente.

Here we have added some of this. There he painted medieval stone sculptures with various designs. Due to his amazing creativity and the skill that led him to reach his vision, he has gained a lot of attention and fans on social media platforms. Scroll down to check out the photos we have listed for you. Please share your thoughts on this in the comments section as well.
































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