Elephants normally only sleep for two hours between 2 a.m. and six a.m. They can stay awake for up to 46 hours while walking as far as 30 kilometers researchers say elephants have been observed only going into rapid eye movement sleep every three or four days.REM sleep is believed to be critical for memory consolidation

Chinese authorities have photographed a herd of elephants in China, which embarked on an extraordinary tour of about 15 months ago, resting in a village near the city of Xiang, about 500 kilometers away. With this unusual visit, the authorities tried to repatriate the elephants but were unsuccessful and provided the necessary facilities to continue their journey to the southwest. Accordingly, 14 drone cameras and 500 officers have been deployed. Yunnan rangers are monitoring major roads to a safer destination, and millions of dollars worth of property have been damaged by the herd. However, the herd of elephants, which crossed the main road in Eshan, made headlines when they entered the densely populated city of Kunming.

It is estimated that about 300 of these elephants, which belong to the Indian subspecies of the Asian genus, currently survive in China. Conservationists, however, have not given a definite idea of ​​this migration, and some have cited it as a search for a new habitat. But that idea is also controversial, as wood elephants are living animals based on the concept of habitat.

Although lying down on the floor during intense fatigue and rest is part of the routine, it is rare to see with the naked eye. This is because they sleep only in an environment that feels extremely safe. However, tame elephants also fall asleep in this way, the author has observed the tame elephants sleeping “roaring loudly”.



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