Otters are the new cats in a contest for the sweetest creatures on the internet. If you type the word otter on Youtube, the site will give you a lot of funny videos with these entertaining animals taking a bath letting themselves get brushed, and amusingly sticking out their tongues.

Where Are Otters Live?

The otter is an animal belonging to the Mustelidae family. There are 13 surviving species. The otters live the European otter used to inhabit all parts of Europe. Even extending from the Arctic to northern Africa and parts of Asia by the middle of the 20th century much of its population disappeared due to hunting food shortages habitat destruction and pollution. All otters except the sea otter live in rivers lakes or any literal area with clear water and surrounding vegetation. They feed almost exclusively on aquatic animals such as fish crustaceans or amphibians. They are solitary animals that can join with their otter kin only when it’s time to reproduce or during the development of their young. 

What kind of animal is an Otter

Otters are part of the Mustelidae family, This is a family of carnivorous mammals that has skunks, weasels, wolverines, and badgers. the ocean otter is that the largest member of the weasel family, yet the littlest marine mammal in North America.Otters are so soft, cuddly, adorable, but underneath all that cuteness, there is a dangerous side.

As cute as they’re, they will be like, 3 feet of muscle. All they do is swim all day long, for the most part, they have razor-sharp claws, teeth. Otters could also be much stronger, and faster than they appear.

Those things are just swimming and eating and chasing fish, they’re long and slender, very muscular. They will rise up to almost 3 feet long. Otters can grow up to 99 pounds. Otters are also extremely Intelligent. They live in large family groups the size of the group can reach up to 20 individuals they all travel, sleep, eat and do other things together. They tend to forge together cooperatively, they will actually swim down rivers in these V shapes and round up fish.

A giant otter though can reach 1.7 meters in length and weigh about 30 kilograms add muscular tail strength endurance acute hearing and sharp eyes along with a great sense of smell. Giant otters are also aggressive and protect their territory at any cost how do you know you’re not in their territory oh it’s hard not to notice this species can hunt alone in pairs or in groups and the menu includes absolutely everything there is in a certain area fish. something like main course crabs easy small snakes as a light snack anaconda gives me two please crocodiles better stay away from these giant otters because these predators are fast unusually flexible. Their teamwork is spectacular. They attack from different sides and their powerful jaws leave no chance for prey, in addition, they immediately eat what they caught and they start with the head.

A giant otter is also called a water jaguar. So these species are worthy Opponents. Giant otters can live as large families or only with four individuals in a group in any case in each of these groups, there’s the main one to see this otter. This is an alpha female and she’s the coolest. She’s the one who makes decisions about attack or defense takes care of the offspring and the whole group. There is the male who marks a certain area and patrols it with the others of each of these gangs. It means families have their own territory which they protect. Yeah just like the gangs. 

What about the crocodile, Crocodile has thick skin which protects against other problems won’t help here the otters have much more energy so they just exhaust the crocodile quite quickly. It gets very Tired its muscles are filled with lactic acid and stop functioning at this point, it’s almost intoxicated and the otters can pull the opponent to the bank usually this happens and then the otters actually eat their prey alive getting to the inside with sharp teeth. Giant otters like to mess with the crocodiles here it just floated about his business and there appears one head then another In but don’t think that otters attack only large predators and poor dying monkeys if you’re human you should also stay away and even more.

Crocodiles jaguars anacondas and even people but what happens if the otter meets a really scary creature oh yeah it’s the walking nightmare. 

Is The Otter a Pet? 

 In a word, otters are real water monsters, brave and dangerous predators. But people put funny costumes on them to get as many Instagram likes as possible. Otter a pet in countries such as Japan and Argentina. There is a growing trend of having otters as pets. Although they may seem like a do silent, Manageable animal the Otters cuteness

which has not gone through the process of domestication people usually buy them illegally. when still pups however otter pups need to be with their mother for at least 18 months to learn necessary behaviors. The fact they are solitary animals is another reason why they should not be pets since we would accompany the moose at the time additionally. Our homes do not provide a space to carry out natural behaviors. Otters also become very aggressive when in heat conditions.

An adult otter and think it may be badly injured or in need of any attention, it’s best to observe them from a distance while you call your local Wildlife Authority. Do not try to catch them as they could attacking and being a mammal transmitted infections or parasites. If you find a baby that under no circumstances could survive in their room you can place them in a large enough cardboard box put in a blanket to protect them from the cold and take them to Recovery Center. 

Threats facing otters 

The demand for otters leads to a poacher who goes hunting first he prepares an ambush near the water source. He’ll wait it out till the otter parents go out and search for food. Then he’ll set a trap in the place the family has allocated for a toilet. Yes, otters are very tidy. The target of the poacher is the cubs for the adult otters will make less money when the kid takes the bait the nets will be dropped on it immediately older brothers and sisters will instantly swim to the painful call of a little otter.

It’s they who are held responsible for watching the kids while the parents are hunting then poachers can catch them as well these otters will cost less but in total the profit will be good. The animals will be locked in cages to be transported to the market some of them will not even live to the end of the exhausting journey. Do you want to shoot a funny tick-tock with a baby otter now I suggest you choose your own kid but keep in mind that one is a domestic otter and the other is a water demon’s cub.


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