There are so many valuable things in the world. Not only gold, silver, pearls, and gems, but even some radioactive elements are highly valued natural substances. But on the one hand, the value of animal waste is so amazing. Thai fishermen discovered what is commonly known as “whale vomit”, something that is rarely seen in the ocean.

Although commonly known as whale vomit, the substance is actually known as “ambergris”. Amber grease is often gray, with a waxy texture. These occur in the digestive system of a species of whale called the “sperm whale”.

Different organisms in the world produce their own unique chemical substance. Therefore, the products obtained from those organisms have characteristic properties. Ambergris also has certain characteristics that are due to the unique amber chemical produced in sperm whales. Therefore they are used for various industries.

This waste is valued in the millions of dollars because of its uniqueness and rarity of origin. Amber Grease has a very unpleasant odor, similar to that emitted by sperm whales. But over time, ambergris begins to emit a sweet odor due to the absorption of sunlight, sand, air, water, minerals, and other elements and a chemical process called oxidation.

In today’s world, whale vomit or ambergris is one of the most popular ingredients in perfumes industries in the world.

Amber grease is used to enhance the scent of perfumes, and the perfumes used have a characteristic scent that is musk-like or sometimes indescribable even in words. It is also said that the perfumes that are made using these germs will remain unchanged for many days after spraying. So these perfumes are expensive.


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