Wildlife photographers do their best to the captured perfect shot. But every captures not a perfect one, to achieve the perfect shot photographer’s need to have extraordinary skill and determination. Also need to have some kind of luck.

The comedy wildlife photography awards competition start in 2015  by professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam. Organizing this kind of wildlife photography competition help to uplift the photographer’s morale and interest. Also, publish the preservation of wildlife and habitats through humor.

Because of this kind of event gather the most hilarious pictures by phenomenal photographers who aimed to take very specific wired and flat-out funny animal pictures. Here we have listed below some photographs which are submitted to the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards contest. You can see more photos of the past few years by clicking this link.

#1 “ROFL” By Giovanni Querzani

#2 Andrew Mayes – ” The Ultimate Morning Mood”

#3 “Quarantine Life” By Kevin Biskaborn

#4 “Yoga Bittern” By KT Wong

#5 “Bald Eagle Gets A Surprise” By Arthur Trevino

#6 “Yay – It’s Friday!” By Lucy Beveridge

#7 “Happy” By Tom Svensson

#8 “Sweet-Lips Are For Kissing” By Philipp Stahr

#9 “Missed” By Lea Scaddan

#10 “Cranky Hippo” By Rohin Bakshi

“The baby hippo trying to get mother’s attention, but it seems he wasn’t getting any…”

This contest is already open for entries.If you have any hilarious wildlife photos, You can submit it to here until 31 June.


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