Adorable Russian Blue Cats

The Russian blue cat is an amazing cat. According to the breed, the cat originated in Russia and its coat is blue. Although the color may appear gray, blue is a specific term used to describe a particular color in some cats. Although there is no definite date as to when this breed began, it is an older breed and is among the earliest recognized cats. This breed has become popular because of its love to play. The majority of beautiful adorable Russian blue cats are excellent family members and get along well with other family pets, even dogs, and are great with gentle children.

Although, the Russian blue cats with their emerald green eyes as well as their grayish-blue, silvery and silky coats make it unique and special. Its particular way of walking on tiptoes enhances its elegance and gives him a distinctive touch. But not only its physical aspect makes it interesting, but also its character since it´s intelligent, athletic, funny, and very affectionate with its owners.

Almost everyone in the modern world uses social media. It’s so popular with people and their pets. Pets also have their own social media accounts which are maintained by their keepers. This is a new trend focusing on pets and their lives online. This is a story about adorable Russian blue cats and all their eyes.

Here we are going to describe two adorable Russian blue cats “Xafi” and “Auri” who have wider beautiful eyes, strange smiles, and unique personalities. These two soul mates are already popular on social media. By now they have 122k real Instagram influencers. As a cat lover, you can get the real feeling of these two by looking at the below pictures.

Most of the fans get confused with these two adorable Russian blue cats because they look like a twin. Xafi and Auri are blood sisters but Xafi, born in April of 2016, is a year older than Auri. But their body sizes are the same. At first glance, we cannot distinguish the face of these two, But Auri has a round face than the Xafi face. Also, Auri’s body has grown fat than the Xafi but they are exactly the same weight.

In addition to their physical differences, The two have inherently separate personalities from each other.Xafi likes to cuddle up on their laps when people are at work or watching TV, Auri has been earned the nickname “Klepto-Cat” because he likes to steal everything in her sight. But these two are very fond of girls.

According to Anneken, it was a very difficult task to take photos of them. Xafi is ashamed to face the small camera, But Auri appears in various poses to attract the attention of the camera. So this made it very difficult to take photos of the two together. They used different tactics to overcome the difficulties and finally get more attractive photos of those two adorable Russian blue cats for Insta-famous.

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Russian blues are understood to be peaceful, mild, cultured cats, and are generally reserved or missing when complete strangers call. when they’re with their own precious and trusted humans however they are affectionate and spirited.

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