National geographical producer Peter Chin has captured an amazing view of animal embryos in the womb. Chin and his staff use tiny cameras connected via a 4D ultrasound scan system to give us an amazing view of what life in the womb really is like. From penguin cubs to the mighty lion, these images give us an interesting view of the wonders of life.

This source taken from – National geographical

Breathtaking animal embryos images

The elephant our largest and among the most sophisticated of all land mammals with easily the longest gestation period.

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After one month of pregnancy, Inside her uterus, the embryo is starting to transform itself. At first, what look like nostrils appear, but then they change position, moving up to the top of the head, where they’ll eventually become the blowhole. And from 8 weeks, in three-dimensional real-time known as 4D. we can see what’s now the foetus bouncing around,it looks like it’s swimming in the amniotic fluid. It’s just over 2 months since conception, the foetus is beginning to take on the dolphin’s characteristic shape.

This is how life begins deep inside the uterus an embryo start on its incredible journey to birth. it’s hard to say what animal this is but it’s certainly not human.



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